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Yes, You Can Sell Your Photos

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Photography isn’t one of cheapest hobbies or professions.  Cameras can easily go into the thousands of pounds and, after asking a guy recently in a camera shop what the most expensive lens they have ever dealt with cost, his reply was 25 thousand pounds (WoW), even pushed my idea of top prices for equipment.  Even at the lower end of the scale, a reasonable camera with a standard lens, a tripod and a bag can easily set you back at least 500 pounds. 

What we could do is try to offset some of this cost by perhaps submitting some of our best photos into stock libraries where the stock image company help you sell your images and at the same time, they take a small commission.  Obviously, if you take lots of photos, over time there is a chance you could end up buying that most expensive lens.

So lets have a look at two Android apps that have a potential to earn us some extra money.

123RF – On-The-Go App

Firstly, the 123RF On-The-Go App from the Google Play Store.  Once installed you can create anew account or alternatively, you can login to your existing 123RF account.After taking care of the account details you are ready to begin  making money by uploading your photos to the 123RF marketplace. Simply begin snapping high quality photos on your android phone.  The next step will be to upload them to 123RF via the app for approval.

123RF App

Images must be photographed with a minimum 6 megapixels and a maximum of 20 megapixels. Uploaded images must only be in a JPEG format and a minimum of 80%quality compression.  This app features“visual photo tagging” so that your images can be conveniently found by the millions of 123RF users searching for keywords. The 123RF company holds frequent contests for photographers competing for cash prizes which is a possible additional revenue stream. The app will track your earnings when people buy your photos.

Dreamstime – Sell Your Photos App

Head over to the Google Play Store and download and install the ‘Dreamstime Sell Your Photos App’. You can either create a new account or login with your existing Dreamstime account. You can then begin to upload images to your account when ready.  Each photo that you upload to Dreamstime must be approved by them before your photo is available for purchase. All files must be in JPG format and free of noise or any other artifacts. 

There is a minimum size requirement of 3 megapixels and a maximum of 70 megapixels.  There is a daily limit restricting how many photos you can upload.  This restriction is different for everyone. It is determined by your personal photo upload approval rate.  You will need to earn at least $100 before you can be compensated for your contributed images.  Your earnings are based on how often your approved uploads are purchased in the Dreamstime marketplace.

Buying Photos

You might be inspired to buy some photos from the two apps.  They both have several options for buying photos from their online stores as a customer. These options include credit packages or subscription packages. Buying in bulk can provide the best discounts. 

Have a dig around for coupon codes on websites such as SaveDollarz which will feature Dreamstime coupons from time to time.

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