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What is Adobe Lightroom

This is a brief introduction to Adobe Lightroom and its use in photography.  Tutorials will follow in due course.  This software I absolutely recommend to any photographer whether just starting out or established.

This Gallery here shows various presets that I have used. Gallery.

Lightroom, what is it?

  • Lightroom is a catalog of all your photos
  • The actual photo is NOT changed in post editing.  Non-Destructive.  The original will always be there.
  • Photos are imported from your SD card or phone into the Lightroom catalog
  • While importing, descriptions and other labels can be added
  • The cataloging and searching is absolutely superior to any other photo software
  • Processes RAW images (more on this below)
  • A Photo Editor
  • Not just for experts, this software is for anyone


RAW Image Processing

If you can, save your photos in RAW.  A whole load more of information is stored in the image but be aware that the file size is a lot larger.  An advantage over a typical JPEG is, JPEG only stores the information needed for the photo to show it whereas RAW saves everything it can.  Very useful in post-processing as a lot of errors or lighting mistakes can be rectified after.  If you took a photo and the image was under-exposed, in RAW you have a good chance to rectify this in Lightroom.

The main Lightroom catalog showing one image enlarged.
The main Lightroom catalog showing one image enlarged.

Lightroom and an Editor

Lightroom can also perform photo editing, like fixing the color, contrast, cropping and cleaning up any dust spots and many more functions. Unless you want to do really complex editing, Lightroom is often the better tool to use.  There is no comparison to Photoshop here, Lightroom is more than Photoshop in the sense that Lightroom first and foremost is a catalog and secondly, a non-destructive photo editor.

A huge advantage is workflows and presets.  If you do the same or similar changes to photos regularly, you can save these as a presets and apply these to new photos.  I personally use presets a lot, saves huge amounts of time and I can get a consistent look with my photos.

The Lightroom Develop tab, where we do the post-processing magic.
The Lightroom Develop tab, where we do the post-processing magic.

Exporting, Printing and More

Lightroom is a great export tool. It can convert your RAW files to JPEGs so you can upload to your favorite social networks, save them to your hard drive, print your images properly, or even turn a collection of them into a web gallery or book.

The Catalogue

The catalog is a very powerful feature.  When an SD card or another source of photos is plugged into your PC, you have several options to import.  Lightroom does not have to have the photos stored on your PC, they can remain on your storage device, if you wish.  Vey handy if you take a lot of photos.  For example, I move all my photos to an external hard drive, then when I import I select  ‘Add’ rather than ‘Copy’ so the photos remain where they are rather than fill my PC disk to its max.

After import, I could then add extra information such as where the photo was taken, weather, who I was with etc.  This is particularly handy when I was to search for photos in the catalog.

System Requirements

  • 2GB disk space for the program installation
  • Ideally 4GB of RAM (I’ve run it on 2GB)
  • Windows 7sp1 or later
  • An internet connection


I do absolutely recommend this app.  I use it, my friends use it and we all have nice photos from it.  Adobe does a 30-day trial, try it
The package I have is the Adobe CC, it costs me £10.10 a month.  I get Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and a few other perks.  And can be installed on 2 machines.

Loads more articles will appear on Lightroom so stay tuned.  Next article will cover presets.

NB: This is not a sponsored post.  Just my opinion and a very positive one.

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2 thoughts on “What is Adobe Lightroom

  1. Love this! I have been thinking about moving to lightroom. How much space is required on the computer and does it store the photos too? independent of the start up drive (which is always on the verge of being full!)

    1. Thank you DeeDee. I have updated the article with answers to your questions, but seriously, try the trial. I will be doing tutorial articles on how to use Lightroom and get the most out of it ok:)

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