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Macro Photography Tips: The World in Macro.

Macro Photography, 9 Tips And now we move onto one of my favorite areas of photography, macro.  Looking at the small bits of the big picture can often give us nice surprises and show those details we often miss and show us the really amazing complexity in nature. 

Wakehurst Place flowers in Sussex
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A Macro Early Spring At Wakehurst Place

Macro Nature Photography at Wakehurst Place in the UK. It is the end of January 2018 and the temperature this weekend shot up to 12c.  The crocuses and snowdrops took this warmth and the rain that fell in the preceding week as a hint, it is time to pop up.  The Wakehurst Place gardens in Sussex are coming to life, colours are…

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White Flower

Not so complicated photography

Since when has photography got so complicated? These days, whenever I open a photography magazine or visit some random photography blog or website, I get bombarded with all those photography words that unless you are experienced, would be a little ‘over the top’, such as: Aperture Shutter speed ISO Lighting Depth of field (DOF) Crop factors Rule of thirds Lightroom and…

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