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Review: Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50

This review is my opinion of the mirrorless offering from Canon, the Canon EOS M50. I will not go into all the specs and all amazing materials it is made from but here is a link if you want to know the all the details. This review is from the point of view of me actually using this camera for the last month.

Firstly, I traded in a bunch of cameras at Park Cameras in Burgess hill so I could afford this camera and the kit lens.  I had read about the specs etc online before I went there so I was aware of what I would be letting myself in for.  I got the box home, emptied the contents, put the battery on charge and waited, for flipping ages.

Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50

First Impressions

In the box were the camera, a charger and a kit lens which is 15mm to 45mm, pretty standard really and suits most things and a manual.

Two hours later the battery charge light went green, finally.  Into the camera the battery went, along with a 64Gb memory card and finally, I am all set to turn on the M50.

The first things I see on the back screen are instructions to set the date and time and a straightforward walkthrough setting the camera up for first use.  Nothing overly complicated here.  While I was waiting for the battery to charge I had googled optimum settings to set the camera at so my next task was to do these settings.

So far so good.  The camera feels solid, the screens and viewfinder are crisp and easy to work with and the menu system is pretty much the same as any EOS camera.  Now I finally get to take some pictures.

Canon EOS M50 test Images
Canon EOS M50 test Images

The Opinion

All in all, I am loving this camera.  The photos coming out of the camera perfect for me, the look and feel are good, the kit lens with the camera is adequate, I am very happy with it all.

I did install the Canon App, apart from a few setup issues, when the app came to life it is superb.  Pretty much you can do everything from the app including taking a photo and have the photo go directly to your phone.


Firstly: The battery life is awful, so the following day I went to Amazon and bought two extra batteries and a car charger for £20.  And yes, they work perfectly.  Definitely, I would advise this.

Secondly: The EF-m series of lenses is rather limited and as I have quite a few lenses for my other cameras, I decided to buy the EF-m to EF-s converter.  Not cheap but worth every penny.

The only other advice for this camera is it needs playing with.  Sitting down in the evening, getting used to the dials and what the various buttons do will save plenty of frustration out in the field.  Pretty much all the buttons can be remapped to make life easier and having things set up like LCD screen off to save power is a great idea.


Once you get used to this camera, you will love it.

I will follow up with a review of the video capabilities shorty ok.



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