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Redefined Post-Processing for Portraiture

WidsMob Portrait

Review: Portrait Retouching Software

I really do not like opening a piece of software and then spending hours having to learn how to do the most basic of tasks.  Very often, I know what I want as the outcome for my shots but do not want to spend all day getting there.  Recently, after spend seemingly hours digging around the internet and trying various tools here and there, I stumbled on a little piece of software called ‘Portrait Retouching Software‘.  A quick download and install and I was ready to go.  I better point out that this is MAC only.

The website shows that the application has, among other things

  • Wrinkle remover
  • Skin colour adjustment
  • Portrait makeup
  • Blemish/pouch remover
  • RAW support

But, what I am really interested in knowing is, how steep is the learning curve to understand the software? and the final results of processed photos.  I have spent a good few years learning Photoshop and various other tools and do not fancy spending more years to get to the same result.  Having a few tools that can speed up the post-processing seems to be a good idea as sometimes, spending several days in other photo editing software can be a bit over the top.

WidsMob do not only do portrait software, they do a whole variety of specialist software for the photography community.  Definitely worth digging around their website to see what else they have to offer.


The Test

Firstly I grabbed myself a demo of the ‘Portrait Retouching Software’ then installed into applications on my MAC.  Straight forward with no issues.

Interface: As they say intuitive.  The right column has all the options to enhance a photo, easily in view and obvious on what they do and a couple of options to share or save at the top right.  Not overly crammed with piles of confusing options.  Within two minutes of opening, I was editing with ease.

Speed: Incredibly fast loading and photo alterations almost instant.

Menu System: The menu system is mainly on the right giving options like altering a smile, face slimming and others.

Image Results: Superb, a huge amount of combinations to play with giving all sorts of results.


WidsMob Portrait

basic touchup


Verdict: Honestly, I love it.  A group of us played with this software in the office and had great fun with it.  Even the guys who do not usually touch editing software took to this with ease.  The load time is within a couple of seconds, loading an image into the interface by drag and drop is instant and altering the photo is instant as well.  Saving the altered image is straight forward and sharing it to other forms is easy as well.


I definitely recommend you grab a demo, I was genuinely surprised at how easy this software was to use, how fast it was, and the results are pretty spot on.  You can get a copy from the link of ‘Portrait Retouching Software’.

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