Photography: Top 7 tips for avoiding blurred photographs

The shutter release is pressed, the photograph is taken.  Excitedly, you put your camera back in the holdall and head home with the days shoot locked safely away inside your camera.  You get home, turn on your laptop, make a cup of tea and prepare to view the days captures.  Like a delicate priceless fragment, you remove the SD card from the camera and put it into the reader on your machine.  The import photos appear, you import.  Excitement building to a climax, you open the first image, it loads, NO!!!! It’s blurred.  What did you do wrong?

Top 7 Tips to Help Avoid Blurred Photos and Disappointment.

  1. Use a tripod.  If one is not available, lean against objects or maybe rest on objects.  Get the camera as steady as possible.
  2. Use a remote shutter release, with the tripod.  Alternatively, set the shutter release to two seconds and step back.
  3. Set the lens to manual focus and use the live-view and zoom in to focus.
  4. Lower the ISO to between 100 and 400
  5. Remove lens filters.  Like neutral density (ND) filters.
  6. Try not to zoom to max or min.  Get closer or further away if possible.
  7. Clean your lens with a lens cloth.  Dust or condensation can appear if going from a warm to a cold environment.  The lens to clean is the very front one away from the camera.  Not internal.

Extra Tip

Try not to change lenses where there is a chance of bugs or dust getting inside the camera.  If you have to change the lens, get out of the wind, get in a sheltered area and point the camera down while lenses are changed.  As fast as possible.

Following the tips above, the below two pictures were taken.  Firstly, free hand and fully automatic and secondly, on a tripod with remote release and manual zoom.

Freehand Photo Clock

Free hand photograph of a clock

Sharp Clock

Photo taken following the 7 tips for sharpness

The images taken above show very clearly that using a tripod, manual focus and delayed shutter release make a huge difference.

Experiment with the tips.  If you can add any more tips to these seven to help people, please do.
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