Pine Cone
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Historic Nymans. Colour, Smell and Tranquility

Exploring the Flowering Gardens of the historic Nymans in Sussex. “Welcome to Nymans, would you like a map?“, I am asked at the main entrance. “I’m fine thank you, I’ve been here many times before” is my reply. I have visited Nymans several times before, and again I return to see the seasonal changes in the beautiful gardens.  I enter…

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The Last Supper
Where To Go

A Hidden Church

Exploring the East Sussex villages and Churches. Like many of us, I love a good film. Even better if it has a detailed plot and something that makes me think. Within the last couple of years, I watched ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ which I loved, a great plot, lots of excitement and varied music. Although the film is not entirely…

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White Flower

Not so complicated photography

Since when has photography got so complicated? These days, whenever I open a photography magazine or visit some random photography blog or website, I get bombarded with all those photography words that unless you are experienced, would be a little ‘over the top’, such as: Aperture Shutter speed ISO Lighting Depth of field (DOF) Crop factors Rule of thirds Lightroom and…

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