Photography, Photoshop

Post-Processing: What is this mysterious art?

There seem to be two groups of people when it comes to Photoshop and the idea of post-processing a photo, those who do and those who do not agree with the idea of ‘photoshopping’. What is Post-Processing in Photography? We hear the various buzz words thrown around like Photoshopping and Lightroom Presets, but what is it we are actually doing? Our cameras are only…

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Summer Green

Let’s Talk About ISO, the Ups and Downs

Shutter speed and aperture are fairly straightforward to understand, the size of the whole to let in light and how fast we the shutter opens and closes.  So, ISO, this little acronym stumps a lot of people but how I see this might help. Last night I had one too many drinks and got a little bit light headed and blurry eyed,…

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Where To Go

Wales with a Visit from Storm Aileen

Two things spring to mind when I think of Wales, sheep, and dramatic mountain scenery and after last week, I can now add a third item to the list, Storm Aileen.  Somehow, in the previous 48 hours, I had managed to miss the weather forecast, and this little oversight made for quite an interesting evening. Googleing around before I left…

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A white crocus coming to life at Nymans in east Sussex.

Let’s Talk Shutter Speed

‘ka-chunk‘, that noise I hear every time I take a photo.  That obtrusive noise that I have not grown fond of is the shutter opening and closing, letting in that valuable light to hopefully give me that photo that I so desire.  On a positive, that ‘ka-chunk’ does let me know it’s working, and on a negative, every animal for a…

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