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~ Quite Local ~ - Page 3 of 5 - Let's explore our world, savor those smells, taste those delicious foods, meet amazing people, find hidden treasures, explore cultures and smile. The focus of this Blog is Travel Writing and Travel Photography with helpful hints, tips and advice along the way.

What is Adobe Lightroom

This is a brief introduction to Adobe Lightroom and its use in photography.  Tutorials will follow in due course.  This software I absolutely recommend to any photographer whether just starting out or established. This Gallery here shows various presets that I have used. Gallery. Lightroom, what is it? Lightroom is a catalog of all your photos The actual photo is NOT changed in post editing.  Non-Destructive.  …

Photography Composition 3: Lines, Curves and Useful Bits

Photography Composition 3 This is the third part of the series about composition in photography.  For this one, we are going to chat about lines and curves.  The previous two articles can be found below. COMPOSITION PART 1 COMPOSITION PART 2 Everything is a Line or a Curve Everything we see is made up of lines or curves.  From buildings to wheels to an egg, everything …

Grab those Gorgeous Colours. Lighting in Photography

Photography and Lighting This article is a thought-provoking post rather than a how-to.  Understanding light in photography and its effects can be very useful more just saying grab this and that and do this. Turn a dull photograph into a vibrant, colourful photo Let us have a chat about light.  The stuff that leaves the sun and a few minutes later arrives on our planet and illuminates the world …

Instagram: A Closer Look at Followers

It is so frustrating when building a following on Instagram.  During the day we get all these new followers and it looks like we are getting somewhere, then we go to bed and wake up with fewer followers than when we went to sleep.  We keep our photos consistent, our theme runs solidly through our profile but still, people leave.  But there is a core group …

Snowbound: The French Alps with a Camera

Two weeks before the end of the working year, an email dropped into my inbox from Snowcoach offering last minute deals to Saint Gervais in the mountains of the French Alps for some Christmas Skiing and a nice snowy vacation.  As with all good things in life, there is a downside to the offer, spending ten hours in a coach with the best skiers in the …

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