Not so complicated photography

Since when has photography got so complicated?

These days, whenever I open a photography magazine or visit some random photography blog or website, I get bombarded with all those photography words that unless you are experienced, would be a little ‘over the top’, such as:

Have the days of picking up a camera, pointing it at something, pressing the button and enjoying the result gone?

I think not.

Some of my favourite shots have been taken very randomly at that last second when something unique has caught my eye.

For example:

Red Poppy

Red Summer Poppy

The lines and shapes combined with the colours caught my eye as I wandered past this amazing poppy, it had to be captured.

Don’t get me wrong, fully understanding your camera is essential, but how much is enough?

For me, the ‘enough’ is the point where I am getting the photo shots that I want.

So how do we go about getting those shots that we actually want?

Over the next posts, we can talk about this as shoots take place.  How I prepare and plan forward.

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