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Instagram: A Closer Look at Followers - ~ Quite Local ~

Instagram: A Closer Look at Followers

It is so frustrating when building a following on Instagram.  During the day we get all these new followers and it looks like we are getting somewhere, then we go to bed and wake up with fewer followers than when we went to sleep.  We keep our photos consistent, our theme runs solidly through our profile but still, people leave.  But there is a core group who remain, they comment and are valuable, solid followers.  So what can we do to manage who we follow and are followed by?

Apart from what I said in Some Instagram Pointers, we can define the users into:

  • Who follows me
  • Who I follow
  • Who I follow but do not follow back
  • Who follows me but I do not follow back

The first group is the group we are interested in.  Who follows and are real, on topic genuine followers? this is the question.  Every day I gain between five and thirty followers.  Of these maybe two or three are actually genuine and intend to follow.  The others will leave with three to five days.

The second group is where our time can be used up.  We want to follow people who on topic, genuine and ideally follow us back and stay consistent.  Obviously, those huge accounts tend to just post and forget about us little people with under 1 Bazillion followers.  But this group is where when we load up the app, we see all the photos that they have posted and we can go through and like them.  If we follow 7000 people, that is an awful lot of pictures.  We need to manage this so we have a group we follow, they follow back and reciprocate our posts with a heart.

The third group might include some particular account we follow that interest us and also some accounts where people just leave.  And those people we lose track of who we follow still.

The last group, we do not want to follow every single person who follows us as you will end up following 7000 people and have a lot fewer followers.

What can we do to help

This raises a question. When I have over one hundred followers, how do I manage them in such a way as I do not end up with just loads of random followers and following?

Apps.  I use an iPhone App called ‘Instagram Followers’.  There a few apps about for both Android and iPhones that do the same job.  I can get detailed analysis on new, existing, left and ghost followers.  It has saved me hours of time and I can see the impact of various photos I post.  Very quickly you will pick an instinct for those pointless followers who just do the follow/unfollow game and not waste valuable time on them.

Typically an app might look like this:

Instagram Followers APP

And when we click one of those lines we will see a detailed breakdown of who left and when.

So please, if you want to save time and have a good group of followers, grab one of these apps.

NB: Apps that post or automate on your behalf are banned by Instagram. They will get you banned. What we want is ‘Social Analytics’.
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