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9 Tips for Landscape Photography Success

9 Tips to improve Landscape Photography Quite the opposite of Macro Photography is Landscape Photography.  Instead of a big aperture (f4), we want a small aperture (f11, f16, f22), we want to capture all that detail of that landscape, nice, sharp and full of colours.  And the same as any style in photography we have a bunch of tips to help get the shot you …

Tips to get that Portrait Photography Nailed

Portrait Photography Portrait photography can be sorted out with a few tips that can make the photo look more balanced and more professional so when the person who has been photographed sees the photo, they have a sense of a wow factor rather than ‘looks nice’.  I will start with what I feel is the most important, rather than the typical list that appears online. …

How to use your iPhone for Photography

The majority of people on this planet have a phone and pretty much all of these phones have a camera built in so, here we will talk about how we can use the embedded camera to take awesome photos. I will be focusing on an iPhone 7 because that is what I have but the same principles pretty much apply to most smartphone cameras.

What is Adobe Lightroom

This is a brief introduction to Adobe Lightroom and its use in photography.  Tutorials will follow in due course.  This software I absolutely recommend to any photographer whether just starting out or established. This Gallery here shows various presets that I have used. Gallery. Lightroom, what is it? Lightroom is a catalog of all your photos The actual photo is NOT changed in post editing.  Non-Destructive.  …
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