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Composition 2: Another Rule, Framing

This is the second article about composition in photography. The first ‘Rule of Thirds’, is here. I am not very keen on the idea of rules in a creative subject like photography, kind of strangles the idea.  So from here on, I will refer to any such things as guides.  And this guide is about ‘Framing’, framing a subject or object within a photograph. So what …

Instagram: A Closer Look at Followers

It is so frustrating when building a following on Instagram.  During the day we get all these new followers and it looks like we are getting somewhere, then we go to bed and wake up with fewer followers than when we went to sleep.  We keep our photos consistent, our theme runs solidly through our profile but still, people leave.  But there is a core group …

Improve Photos with 5 Photography Ideas

We all want to take sharper, more exciting and dramatic colorful photos and continually improve our photography skills as time goes by. I know I do, and I also realize that it is not possible to have every single photo I take to be a wonderful image.  Personally, I expect about 1 in maybe 5 or 10 photos to make me smile, although some days it been …
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