Slow shutter speed giving a nice dreamy effect in Black and White.
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And now for Black & White Photography, 7 TIPS

7 Tips to Improve black and White Photography Now it is time to talk about black and white photography and how get we that nice looking photo.  I will pass on what I was taught in this article with what I personally consider the most important first. Black and white photography has a huge amount to offer the viewer.

Portrait photography
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Tips to get that Portrait Photography Nailed

Portrait Photography Portrait photography can be sorted out with a few tips that can make the photo look more balanced and more professional so when the person who has been photographed sees the photo, they have a sense of a wow factor rather than ‘looks nice’.  I will start with what I feel is the most important, rather than the…

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A cat shot with an iPhone.
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How to use your iPhone for Photography

The majority of people on this planet have a phone and pretty much all of these phones have a camera built in so, here we will talk about how we can use the embedded camera to take awesome photos. I will be focusing on an iPhone 7 because that is what I have but the same principles pretty much apply…

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Wakehurst Place flowers in Sussex
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A Macro Early Spring At Wakehurst Place

Macro Nature Photography at Wakehurst Place in the UK. It is the end of January 2018 and the temperature this weekend shot up to 12c.  The crocuses and snowdrops took this warmth and the rain that fell in the preceding week as a hint, it is time to pop up.  The Wakehurst Place gardens in Sussex are coming to life, colours are…

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Kitchen Lighting

Grab those Gorgeous Colours. Lighting in Photography

Photography and Lighting This article is a thought-provoking post rather than a how-to.  Understanding light in photography and its effects can be very useful more just saying grab this and that and do this. Turn a dull photograph into a vibrant, colourful photo Let us have a chat about light.  The stuff that leaves the sun and a few minutes later arrives on…

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