Wakehurst Place flowers in Sussex
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A Macro Early Spring At Wakehurst Place

Macro Nature Photography at Wakehurst Place in the UK. It is the end of January 2018 and the temperature this weekend shot up to 12c.  The crocuses and snowdrops took this warmth and the rain that fell in the preceding week as a hint, it is time to pop up.  The Wakehurst Place gardens in Sussex are coming to life, colours are…

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Where To Go

Wales with a Visit from Storm Aileen

Two things spring to mind when I think of Wales, sheep, and dramatic mountain scenery and after last week, I can now add a third item to the list, Storm Aileen.  Somehow, in the previous 48 hours, I had managed to miss the weather forecast, and this little oversight made for quite an interesting evening. Googleing around before I left…

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