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A Memory of Easter from Winnie the Pooh’s Homeland

Ashdown Forest in Sussex, UK. Huge trees and amazing nature.

The Long Weekend

Easter weekend, four days of travel in and around the Sussex countryside capturing and exploring.  The weather held off on the Easter Sunday to let me sit in the middle of the Ashdown Forest with a nice picnic and explore.  For those of you who do not know, Ashdown Forest is the home to Winnie the Pooh and his creator past, AA Milne.  At the North end of the forest is a small village called Hartfield, this was the actual home of AA Milne.

Ashdown Forest is coming to life
Ashdown Forest is coming to life

Anyway, back to nature and all its wonders.  What I was searching for was feelings, feelings of spring, warmth, life emerging and rain.  One thing this weekend was not short of was rain and because of this, the forest was very muddy and the streams were full but this did not stop me walking miles and finding some very special little places.

The Kit

The kit I decided to take was a 50mm Canon prime, a Tamron 18 – 300mm, two Canon bodies, and a very heavy solid tripod.  I did have a few filters and other bits but the weather did not really need or allow there use.

Life reappears after the long winter
Life reappears after the long winter


Where I went

From Kings Standing, I ventured kind of in an Easterly direction and in a clockwise broad arc to southerly.  Kind of East behind the police research facility.  I tried to get as far off the track as I could and I would really recommend doing this to get away from the well-trodden and muddy tracks.





I captured what I wanted in both photo and video and the rain held off for the entire day.  What I would say is, if you do intend to wander around the forest, take wellies and drinks.

My Thoughts

I knew it was overcast for the day so lighting was less of a consideration in terms of direct sunlight.  It was bright so I knew I could get good fast shutter-speeds (1/1000) with low ISO’s (100).  I was not looking for broad landscape shots so my aperture would stay below f7.1, this includes filming as well.  I knew my backgrounds would have to be carefully chosen and for filming, the surrounding area and light balance.






Besides photography and filming, Ashdown Forest is a gorgeous walk in the Sussex countryside.  Hartfield is a small village with a few shops, a cafe, and a pub.  The cafe is Winnie the Pooh themed called appropriately ‘Pooh Corner’,  and kids will love it.  Superb place in summer for those afternoon tea stops. oh and Pooh related gifts.

I have to mention Mr. Whippy.  He/She sits in the car park at Kings Standing and after walking miles and carrying a ton of camera gear, the 99 ice cream is an absolute godsend.  Not cheap but, super tasty.

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