Monthly Archive: October 2017

Post-Processing: What is this mysterious art?

There seem to be two groups of people when it comes to Photoshop and the idea of post-processing a photo, those who do and those who do not agree with the idea of ‘photoshopping’. What is Post-Processing in Photography? We hear the various buzz words thrown around like Photoshopping and Lightroom Presets, but what is it we are actually doing? Our cameras are only so good at capturing all …

What is a Photo? Let us explore what a photograph actually is

Is a photo any more than just an array of colored pixels? No.  Quite literally, this is what a photo is.  A big box with lots of little-colored boxes inside otherwise known as pixels.  Without going into the mechanics of how these little pixels end up being a color, we will just mention a few properties of the image. Consider this scenario.   We have been out, taken our …

What is Behind your Photograph is as Important as in Front

It is not a nice feeling when I get home and look at that one photograph that I thought would be amazing only to see that the background was awful.  So what can I do? Quite often I find a brilliant subject for a photo only to be destroyed by an awful background or colours that would affect the final shot.  The background is very important to the final picture …
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