Monthly Archive: August 2017

Photography: Top 7 tips for avoiding blurred photographs

The shutter release is pressed, the photograph is taken.  Excitedly, you put your camera back in the holdall and head home with the days shoot locked safely away inside your camera.  You get home, turn on your laptop, make a cup of tea and prepare to view the days captures.  Like a delicate priceless fragment, you remove the SD card from the camera and put …

A Hidden Church

Exploring the East Sussex villages and Churches. Like many of us, I love a good film. Even better if it has a detailed plot and something that makes me think. Within the last couple of years, I watched ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ which I loved, a great plot, lots of excitement and varied music. Although the film is not entirely accurate, it still inspired me …

Not so complicated photography

Since when has photography got so complicated? These days, whenever I open a photography magazine or visit some random photography blog or website, I get bombarded with all those photography words that unless you are experienced, would be a little ‘over the top’, such as: Aperture Shutter speed ISO Lighting Depth of field (DOF) Crop factors Rule of thirds Lightroom and many many more Have the …
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